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AI Traffic Agents OTO 1st – 5th Reviews: There is a front end offer & 5 other OTOs. The 1st is AI Traffic Agents PRO, the 2nd AI Traffic Agents OTO is AI Traffic Agents – Pure Edition, the 3rd is AI Traffic Agents – Resell Rights, the 4th AI Traffic Agents OTO is AI Traffic Agents – Mega Bundle, the 5th AI Traffic Agents OTO is AI Traffic Agents – Automated. The product is by Richard Williams & Chris X. All the links >>>

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AI Traffic Agents – Pro Edition

AI Traffic Agents – Pro Edition (DISCOUNT)

AI Traffic Agents – Pure Edition

AI Traffic Agents – Pure Edition (DISCOUNT)

AI Traffic Agents – Resell Rights

AI Traffic Agents – Resell Rights (DISCOUNT)

AI Traffic Agents – Mega Bundle

AI Traffic Agents – Mega Bundle (DISCOUNT)

AI Traffic Agents – Automated

AI Traffic Agents Xtreme


AI Traffic Agents is The World’s 1st EVER “Pay-Per-Character” App… Everytime they Deploy A “Chat-GPT Traffic Agent”, WhatsApp Pays Out $1.50 Per Character.

They’ve uncovered a MASSIVE loophole inside WhatsApp. One that lets ANYONE plug Chat-GPT into the world’s biggest messaging platform. Then blast out “micro-messages”. These “micro-messages” aren’t even that powerful, getting maybe 20-50% opens and 2-5% clicks. But given that GPT can do this on auto, 24/7. These AI-Agent “micro-messages” get 50, 100… even 500 clicks in a FEW HOURS. And then make us $100 to $500 per session. The best part is… this works best when you STAY OFF WHATSAPP – and let the AI Agents do ALL the work. Why? Because, they’ve pre-programmed these agents with prompts which FORCE them to send us leads and traffic. The “Re-Programmed GPT” Is Desparate To Please Us With 24/7 Leads, Clicks And Commissions – And They’re Happy To Take Them!

And That Isn’t Even The Crazy Part. See: These GPT messages are tiny (5-50 characters). Theres no real “selling” going on (at all). They don’t even use WhatsApp themselves! And yet. This The Most Profitable Method they’ve Found: Brand new $100 billion opportunity, 11 beta testers made money in 48 hours, Make money – by deploying AI traffic agents, 100% free – no paid accounts or ads. Promote anything with this traffic. In fact, this is so simple that I’m convinced. This can work for absolutely everyone. Imagine a method for $1000s in weekly profits…that requires ZERO marketing, skills, selling or costs. This Method Lets Anyone Profit Without Sending A Single Message… All you need to do is insert the agent between you and the 2 billion WhatsApp users –  and get paid. And do it without writing a single message yourself. Introducing AI Traffic Agents.

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3 STRANGE NEW STEPS To Cash In With GPT-Generated WhatsApp Traffic:

  • STEP 1 – Launch: Open up AI Traffic Agent and launch your first agent
  • STEP 2 – Deploy: Activate the agent and watch as it gets you traffic and builds your list
  • STEP 3 – Commissions: Watch as the software generates “GPT cash” from AI-created messages.

Get AI Traffic Agents and start using the software today. When you access AI Traffic Agents, I’ll hand you an instant access key to the software, the same software that is giving beta-testers $100/days, consistently. And allowing them to bank $438 EVERY DAY themselves. And that’s not to mention that this is SO new and different to other “traffic” or “commission” apps you’ve tried before. In short, it allows you to: Finally attain freedom, Indulge your hobbies, Indulge your family, Indulge yourself, Pay off your obligations. If there’s a magic money tree, then it is a pack of golden seeds. It didn’t fail our beta-testers, it didn’t fail us, and it won’t fail you either. So do yourself AND your future self a favor – click the button and lock in AI Traffic Agents LIFETIME access, before the price jump in a few minutes. Get It Now.


Vendor Chris X
Product AI Traffic Agents
Launch Date 2023-Jul-15
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type AI Software
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • They Get Paid $17 Per LETTER With WhatsApp & ChatGpt…
  • 12 Beta Testers Made Money Within The First 24 Hours…
  • Includes Beta-Testers’ $105/Day Case Studies…
  • No Experience Required…
  • Works On ANY Device…
  • Zero Extra Expenses, They’re Profiting With Nothing But AI Traffic Agents
  • New $45 Billion Loophole For 2023
  • Your Fast Track? To The Laptop Lifestyle


    • In fact, this method made $100 per day for 15 minutes work put a picture of some cash here
    • It doesn’t require you to make any videos
  • It doesn’t require any list, website, funnels, writing, paid ads, etc
  • It doesn’t require selling, marketing, SEO, list building… none of it.
  • All you can do is choose the AI Traffic Agent you want to deploy, enter the link you want to promote, and release the AI “traffic bot” onto WhatsApp.
  • You CANNOT interact with the customers until they click on your link, buy from you or get on your list.
  • In fact, the only time you type anything is to add your affiliate link!


  • What Device Does This Work On? A. You Can Run The AI Traffic Agents App On Any Device – Including Your Phones, Tablets, Laptops And Compters! This App Is A Web-Based App That Runs On Your Browser. So, All You Need Is An Internet Connection And You’re Good To Go!
  • Will I Need Tech Skills Or Experience? A. Not At All. They’ve Taken Great Effort To Make AI Traffic Agents Very Easy To Use. If You Can Get Online, And You’re Able To Open YouTube In Your Browser… You’re Qualified.
  • Is There A Money Back Guarantee? A. Yes, You Have A Full 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. There Is Absolutely No Risk When You Join Today. The Only Risk Is You Pay Extra If You Join In A Few Hours Time.
  • How About Ongoing Costs? A. There Are Zero Daily Costs Involved! With AI Traffic Agents, You Don’t Need A Website Or Any Paid Ads.This Is As Close To A PURE Profit Model As It Gets, Because There Are No Ongoing Costs.
  • How Long Does It Take To See My First Profits? A. This Really Depends On How Fast You Activate Everything Inside Of AI Traffic Agents They Have Several Users Who Profited On The Same Day
  • I’m Sold. How Do I Lock-In My Discount? A. To Get AI Traffic Agents Before They Pull It Down, Click The Button Below Right Now To Get It At The Lowest Possible Price…


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