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BLOX 2.0 is a very real, fully tested, totally unique, and complete affiliate system… based on over 5 years of use, and comes with $1000s in corroborated (publicly verified) proof which we’ll show you, as well as all prospective customers before they purchase.

BLOX is a ‘Leader Pitch System’ Which means. The Blox system enables the user to earn affiliate commission from other people’s products without actually promoting the products. I.E. A BLOX system is a product in its own right, made up of 2 main elements, which are: Pitch systems – used to send visitors (prospects) into the BLOX system. Core – Used to convert prospects into buyers (through the users affiliate link) & deliver the product. The core consists of a magnet (the product), delivery & access, but starts with what we call the Flip Page. The Flip page is used to convert prospects into buyers.

A BLOX system is NOT specific to any of the products it may be used to target, and make money from, which means the same BLOX system to target infinite digital products. I.E. With BLOX you don’t need to promote other people’s products (but those products still pay you commission). And a BLOX 2.0 system is always the same regardless of which product it may be used to target on any given day. The only things that ever change (when targeting different products) are 3 details on the Flip Page… These details are:

  • The name of the product we want to target and make money from.
  • The price of the product we want to target and make money from.
  • The affiliate link of the product we want to target and make money from.
  • Everything else remains exactly the same which is why BLOX is also evergreen, and can be set-up to run on a semi-passive basis.
Thanks to Mark Bishop, I get the results I wanted

As a whole the system capitalises on: Offering value first (and delivering value). Curiosity driven pitches. Micro commitment. The BLOX 2.0 concept has also worked continuously since its inception in 2017. It’s backed by 1000s of publicly shared and verified results which you can view here. And it’s suitable for veteran marketers and complete beginners alike. It even comes with 2 fully tested & proven (over a 1000 in results) ‘purpose built for beginners’ Blox systems. So whether you’re looking to increase the amount you already make day to day, or make your first dollar online you won’t find a system with more genuine proof than BLOX 2.0. And that’s not just us saying that…Get It Now see what others are saying about this highly unique and simple system.


Vendor Mark Bishop et al
Product Blox 2.0
Front-End Price $23
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing 
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • Choose BLOX 2.0, and we’ll send you our ‘Complete Fully Tested BLOX System’ now, which includes:
  • Instant access to the BLOX 2.0 platform.
  • ​The complete ‘Proven to be Profitable’ BLOX system.
  • ​Video & documented step by step instructions (created by us & not outsourced)
  • ​Blox core (step by step instructions).
  • ​Blox Pitch Systems (step by step instructions).
  • ​Multiple BLOX Pitch Systems.
  • ​Using Pitch Systems to get prospects into the BLOX system.
  • ​Split Pitch System (Created for beginners, tested & proven).
  • ​How we use BLOX 2.0 to target and make money from other peoples digital products without promoting them.
  • ​Blox Quick Start (step by step instructions)
  • ​Option to have everything created for you & ready to use.
  • ​Working examples, case studies, and actual results showing verified income.
  • ​You get: A totally unique ‘evergreen’ system, developed, supported & used by us.
  • ​You get: Everything you need, to copy, and do what we do… with nothing left out.
  • ​You get: Peace of mind… If you decide to use BLOX you can do so in the knowledge that it’s already been thoroughly tested, and used to make 1000s of dollars.


  • With BLOX 2.0, They Profit From Products, Which We DON’T Own & DON’T Promote…
  • Fully Tested & Proven: $1000s In Proven Income (REAL Proof Shown On This Page)
  • Totally Unique, Innovative, Evergreen & Ethical System (Working Since 2017)
  • 1 BLOX System Used To Make Money From Infinite Digital Products.
  • Perfect For Veteran Marketers & Complete Beginners
  • For Beginners: $225 In 2 Days Using The Included Split Pitch System’ (Purpose Built For Beginners / REAL Proof Shown On This Page)


  • Are there any upgrades / upsells? The BLOX system you purchase today is a complete system, and requires no additional purchases. We offer a small number of purely optional upgrades which are designed to save the customer time & remove most of the work. E.G. With Blox RMS we provide tested & proven (they have already made money), brandable ready made BLOX systems (including multiple ready made pitch systems), all of which the customer can use within minutes of logging into BLOX for the first time.
  • How do I access BLOX? BLOX is an online platform which can be accessed from any device with your unique credentials. Your access is linked to the email you use when you purchase BLOX, and your password is user generated, I.E. you create your own password.
  • Are all comments, feedback & testimonials included on this page genuine & do they all relate to BLOX? Yes, all comments, feedback & testimonials included on this page are both genuine and relate specifically to BLOX, where comments relate to BLOX 1.0 (the original version of BLOX) this is indicated as such.
  • Are there any additional costs? Customers can use BLOX without any additional costs.
  • What if I don’t have any experience? Experience is not a requirement… BLOX is a complete system, and we’ve included every last detail so you should always know exactly what to do, and if you were to get stuck we have a support desk on hand to help. They’ve also included the Split-Pitch System specifically to give complete beginners the ability to get started easily. The Split-Pitch system has been tested and proven as shown in the examples on this page
  • Can I really do this if I am a complete beginner? Yes, as previously mentioned, we recommend starting with the Split Pitch System which we created specifically to help complete beginners start. And as we previously mentioned, the Split Pitch System has been tested and proven to get results.
  • Is there a Guarantee? Yes, If you use it, it will work (But you need to use it). Our full guarantee terms are detailed below.
  • Is this Real or yet another Theory Based Idea? They can categorically state that BLOX is a real system, which we use ourselves, is fully tested, proven, and which has made us 1000s in commission
  • Are all shown results genuine & specific to the BLOX 2.0 system? Yes, all results & income (commission) stated and shown on this page, and in any accompanying material published by us I.E Videos etc, is 100% genuine and solely as the result of using BLOX systems. They also publicly shared & corroborated many of the results we mention on this page with the owners of the products we targeted and made money from for transparency, I.E. indisputable proof.
  • Do we guarantee you’ll be successful? They guarantee to provide you with the same system we use, have tested, and proven, which as we’ve shown you has enabled us to make 1000s of dollars. They cannot, and do not guarantee specific results or income. It is the customer’s job to use what they purchase, as such the customer’s results are solely dependent on the customer’s efforts. They guarantee BLOX 2.0 works providing you use it (see guarantee terms below for full details)
  • How fast can I get started? They can get results in hours with just a few minutes of work, this is because we already have their BLOX 2.0 systems set up and ready to use. Before you can expect to get results you will need to set up your BLOX system. Initial set up may take a number of hours, but only needs to be done once, after which targeting products with your BLOX system will take just minutes. Alternatively you could opt to use our Ready Made Systems which would mean you could get started within minutes of logging into BLOX for the first time.


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