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Bloxi AI OTO 1st – 4th Reviews: There is a front end offer & 4 other OTOs. The 1st is Bloxi AI FE , the 2nd Bloxi AI OTO 1 is Template Club Pro Unlimited Club Pro Or Monthly Club Pro , the 3rd is Bloxi AI OTO 2: Ebook Creator Pro , the 4th Bloxi AI OTO 3: Audiobook & Podcast Maker, the 5th Bloxi AI OTO 4: Bloxi A.I Partners Program. The product is by Tom Yevsikov. All the links >>>

Remember! OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End.

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Front End (Main Product): Bloxi AI FE  
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Bloxi AI OTO 1: Template Club Pro Unlimited Club Pro Or Monthly Club Pro

Bloxi AI OTO 2: Ebook Creator Pro

Bloxi AI OTO 3: Audiobook & Podcast Maker

Bloxi AI OTO 4: Bloxi A.I Partners Program


Vendor Tom Yevsikov
Product Bloxi A.I
Launch Date 2023-Jul-06
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $27
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Software 
Support Effective Response
Discount >>>CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT<<<
Recommended Highly Recommended

Thanks to Tom Yevsikov, I get the results I wanted


Bloxi A.I is a cloud based app, with original built in A.I that combines Amazon’s, Google’s & Microsoft’s A.I Tech Into A Single Super-A.I That Creates Unlimited High Quality Content In Record Time.

Content Is Still King (And It Forever Will Be). Often it’s us marketers that miss this fact, if you take a look at any influencer, online business, offline business that went online, they’re all based off of content. Social media, blogs, pages, ebooks, podcasts, all content. Yet us marketers find ourselves going and searching for the newest, brightest method or software to make us rich. But the truth is, if your content game is not on point, you will never be successful. You might make some money here and there, but I can tell you for a fact that out of the $10M dollars I’ve earned as a marketer online, 80% of it comes down to content. And unfortunately, as of 2023, the demands for content are ridiculous.

Modern Day Content Demands Are Out Of BOUNDS…A.I Automation Is Necessary. They’ve All Been There, Publishing A Blog Post Gets You Nothing, Sending An Email (Even The Best One) Doesn’t Do Much, Posts On Social Media Simply Don’t Go Viral… Etc…The research shows a clear trend though, content is king but you need LOADS of it, consistently, and in high high quality. Something that is just IMPOSSIBLE as a sole person running your business. You either need a team, which is out of the window, too expensive, too big, too confusing. Or to use A.I, like ChatGPT and the likes of it, which is why I was SO happy when A.I started taking over.

Unfortunately..It didn’t even solve 1% of my content problems. But It’s Not What A Marketer NEEDS To Make Money. ChatGPT Is Fine & All, ChatGPT in a nutshell is a great tool to quickly create text based on your knowledge. Basically you need to know exactly what to ask and what you’re looking for, you still need to be an expert in your field in order to review the content it creates and make sure it is suitable. In reality, what a marketer needs is something that is truly hands free, something where you can put a keyword/niche in, and generate top tier content that is READY to be published and get traffic, leads & sales. And that is NOT POSSIBLE with chatgpt or the likes of it. In fact, other than Bloxi A.I, there is nothing out there that gets the job done. Introducing Bloxi A.I


Bloxi A.I Works In Just 3 Easy Steps And You Wouldn’t Believe How Simple It Is:

  • STEP #1: Speak: Speak to the smart bots on the app, all in ChatGPT style, each bot can be commanded with your own voice like siri or alexa, and you can give it text, video or audio prompts for it to initiate the task for you.
  • STEP #2: Create: In 1 click this smart app will create a unique version of anything you desire, from full blown sales scripts, blog posts, emails to full blown videos with voice overs, audio books, ebooks and more!
  • STEP #3: Profit: Now that you have a unique product and/or asset in your hands, you can use it in your own marketing to crush it, or simply sell them on various marketplaces. Super simple.


Last but not least, is the fact this is a reliable solution, with 24/7/365 guaranteed uptime and no monthly payment commitment, you can relax knowing that whenever and wherever you log into the platform, the A.I will be there ready to work for you. In fact, unless they are being hacked, attacked or anything malicious happens, and there’s a downtime, you are eligible to an extended money back guarantee for a YEAR. And Hundreds More Awesome Features To Give You FULL Control. Get It Now.


  • Generate various Text Contents, such as articles, blogs, ads, media and so on in 57 languages. generate AI Images just by describing the image (done via
  • OpenAI DALL-E-2 and Stable Diffusion (by solutions)
  • Supports all ChatGPT Models: GPT4, GPT3 Turbo, GPT3: Davinci, Curie, Babbage, Ada and more.
  • Come with 42 AI Chat Bot Assistants to use by default, just like ChatGPT platform.
  • Create a transcription of audio and video files with the Speech to Text feature.
  • Generate AI Voiceovers  with more than 540 Voices and 140 Languages and Dialect, combine up to 20 Voices in a single task, and synthesize text up to 100K characters, all powered by leading cloud service providers: Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


  • Most affordable advanced content creation A.I in the market
  • Bloxi A.I is the Fastest A.I thanks to a hybrid Google + Microsoft + Amazon’s A.I
  • Supports ChatGPT4 allowing you to make chatgpt even BETTER!
  • All content is tuned to make sales and get attention, it’s not just some “general” content, it’s content with a purpose, to get you results!
  • All content is legally yours to sell at any price and anywhere
  • Content quality is second to none and beats everyone.
  • Reliable technology that you can depend on for years and without any monthly payments..
  • And so much more..


Front End (Main Product): Bloxi AI FE  

Front End Offer is the main software Bloxi AI which will cost you $27. Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited.

Now, there are currently 4 OTO. You don’t really need all of them to use Bloxi AI, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

OTO 1: Template Club Pro

Two options:

  • Unlimited Club Pro: $97
  • Monthly Club Pro: $37 for the first month, then $9 monthly

Unlock the full potential of Bloxi AI with the Pro upgrade and experience a game-changing boost in leads, campaigns, and sales. Lift all account restrictions and enjoy the freedom to expand your reach like never before.

With the Pro upgrade, you can attract more clients, go unlimited, and break free from limitations or restrictions. Take full control and harness the power of Bloxi AI to supercharge your content creation efforts and achieve remarkable results. The possibilities are endless when you unleash the Pro upgrade of Bloxi AI.

OTO 2: Ebook Creator Pro ($27)

Elevate your Bloxi A.I experience with the Kindle Profits upgrade and effortlessly tap into the world of Kindle publishing to generate hundreds of dollars per day. With just a few clicks within the app, you can unlock a range of new features and training that will enable you to seamlessly integrate your content with Kindle and establish a recurring, passive income stream.

No need to switch tabs or go through complex processes. The Kindle Profits upgrade empowers you to maximize your earning potential by leveraging the power of Kindle publishing, all from the convenience of Bloxi A.I.

OTO 3: Audiobook & Podcast Maker ($27)

Enhance your traffic and unlock your earning potential with a single click by integrating podcasts and harnessing Bloxi AI’s powerful content creation technology.

With the integration of podcasts, you can unlock a host of new features and gain access to an impressive collection of 600 additional voices. This enables you to effortlessly create captivating podcasts and audiobooks that sound incredible, ready to be sold, and poised to go viral on popular podcasting platforms.

Amplify your reach, engage your audience, and tap into the immense potential of podcasting with the help of Bloxi AI. Take your content creation to the next level and seize the opportunity to expand your influence in the world of audio entertainment.

OTO 4: Bloxi A.I Partners Program ($297)

Become an official partner of Bloxi A.I and promote the funnel with exclusive boosted commissions & done-for-you sales materials below:

  • Done-for-you sales pages, fully designed, written, and tested for you to upload on your website and deploy.
  • Access to special partners training where you will learn how to build a multiple 5 figure business around this.
  • SEO optimization built into the pages for organic traffic as well as social media content for social media traffic
  • Done for you Logos, Done for you telemarketing scripts, done for you email sequences, done for you ad templates and ad banners.
  • A highly professional sales video
  • Powerpoint presentations promoting Bloxi Ai

Three options to pick up:

  • Gold+: $297
  • Silver: $197
  • Lite: $97


  • Q: Is Bloxi A.I a downloadable software? What system do I need to run Bloxi A.I? A: Bloxi A.I is a cloud based online application, you access it via browser, and you can access and work in Bloxi A.I from any device and anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.
  • Q: How does Bloxi A.I actually work? A: They made it simple, but behind the scenes so to speak, there are hundreds of features running at the same time to fulfill your commands to the smart bots. For example, if you want to create an email sequence that is custom tailored to a certain product, niche, link & graphics, you can do so right inside Bloxi A.I with just 1-2 inputs. But in reality, the effort it takes the system to create a fresh, high converting & niche targeted email sequence is saving you at least 5 hours of work down to just a few seconds.
  • Q: I’m kind of afraid to invest, nothing against you, just had some bad experiences online. Do you have some kind of refund policy to protect me? A: Yes, they’ve got a 30 day refund guarantee which states that you can try it risk free for 30 days, and if you’re unhappy for any reason, you’ll get your money back no questions asked.
  • Q: It sounds like ALOT, and I mean it in both the good and bad ways, I’m worried I wouldn’t know how to use it. Is it really beginner friendly? And if so, please point me to the section on the page that shows it. A: If you scroll up to about 40% of the page, you’ll see the sections talking about beginner friendly. But in a nutshell, all you need to do is to choose your keyword and industry, Tell Bloxi A.I to create the type of content you need, and let it do it’s thing. That’s it. You’re done, You’re golden.
  • Q: I’m a marketer and to be honest, all I care about is getting more traffic, sales, leads & profits. I haven’t fully decided where my focus is going to be, is Bloxi A.I for me? Can I use it in basic marketing methods like affiliate marketing, ecommerce and social media? A: Since Bloxi A.I is mainly a content machine, and content is the very basis of EVERY online business, it doesn’t matter what you make money with, ecom, affiliate marketing, videos, paid ads long it needs content, it will get the best possible result it can for you.


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