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Commission Agents

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Commission Agents FE
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Commission Agents OTO 1: PRO Upgrade

Commission Agents OTO 2: DFY GPT

Commission Agents OTO 3: eCoverGenius

Commission Agents OTO 4: DFY KEYWORDS

Commission Agents OTO 5: ZEN AI VIDEO SUITE

Commission Agents OTO 6: DFY GRAPHICS APP


This AI Commission Agents app introduces AI Agents that convince YouTube and Google to attract free traffic that later becomes website visitors, buyers, and income without any human involvement.

Thanks to Richard Williams, I get the results I wanted

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Type in any keyword that earns more than $100 daily into AI #1.
  • Step 2: The Agent will discover the most profitable and trending keywords that make money on Google and YouTube.
  • Step 3: The AI will assess the current Google search results to figure out how to get free clicks instantly. You’ll see the AI bring in commissions from YouTube and Google, and you can repeat the process.


Vendor Chris X
Product Commission Agents
Launch Date 2023-Nov-04
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $15
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type AI Software
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • Google Keywords: Start by entering a seed keyword. The AI will scan related and long-tail keywords, providing valuable information such as search volume, CPC, trends (crucial for success), and ease of ranking. All this data is combined into a single score to guide your decisions.
  • Google SERP Listings: This is where things get exciting. Provide GPT with the current top organic search results and ask it to generate articles it can confidently write. It also delivers a summary of these articles, all rated for confidence. This combines the powers of both AIs: Google and GPT.
  • Time To Get Google Bank: With your chosen Google buyer keyword and the perfect article ready to go, you simply click to publish it on your Done-for-You (DFY) website. Repeat this process for any keyword, ensuring you always find the best keywords and achieve top rankings. The best part? It’s all automatic, requiring zero human intervention.
  • AI Training Videos: In addition to the 3-in-1 software, you’ll also receive comprehensive training videos, PDF resources, DFY keywords, and more. This package takes your online efforts to the next level.


Front-end: Commission Agents ($17)

Discover our revolutionary platform designed to leverage unlimited Google traffic on autopilot. This unique, unparalleled system offers a detailed guide on harnessing a powerful cloud-based tool that’s yielding daily profits between $100 and $2,000.

This solution is a must-have for anyone seeking to tap into the vast potential of free Google traffic effortlessly with our application.

  • WE MAKE FREE CASH – with AI Agents
  • GOOGLE + CLICKBANK pay us $493/Day
  • 100% FREE TRAFFIC! – ZERO writing ❌
  • 24/7 A.I = FREE Google + YouTube Traffic
  • AI Commission 🕳️ Loophole – for YOU!
  • Chat-GPT DIRECTS Google “Send Profit”!
  • WE GET FREE CLICKS – with AI Agents!
  • 100% GUARANTEED Rank Top on Google, For 30+ Keywords.. or TRIPLE your money-back!

Commission Agents OTO 1: PRO Upgrade ( $47)

PRO Upgrade

With this upgrade, you can supercharge your performance.

First, gain the ability to run more keyword searches and create even longer content. This turbocharges your work, potentially increasing your profits by a whopping 500%!

Second, enjoy exclusive access to DFY keywords and AI modules not available in the front-end offer.

The front end already brought in $400 a day, but brace yourself for the potential of earning as much as $5,000 per day with these incredible tools.

Commission Agents OTO 2: DFY GPT ($97 – $197)


While the front end provides you with the DFY website (including a WordPress theme), this upsell goes the extra mile. They set up everything for you, from the domain and hosting to the content and monetization. It’s all done for you, ensuring you have a seamless online platform.

Commission Agents OTO 3: eCoverGenius ($97)


Let’s recap everything that you will get:

  • Instantly create unlimited e-covers with the push of a button.
  • Save thousands on graphic design with their AI-powered e-cover software.
  • Launch your own design agency in minutes with an easy-to-use e-cover creator.
  • Make money and save time with fast, stunning e-cover graphics for all your products.
  • Boost your marketing with high-quality e-covers & software box bundle designs.
  • Get commercial rights & reap the profits from your own graphic design agency.
  • Unlock 100+ premium e-cover templates for ultimate variety.
  • Exclusive graphic design masterclass: boost your design skills.
  • Profitable design agency blueprint: launch & scale your business.
  • Save time & money with their ultimate graphics bundle.

Commission Agents OTO 4: DFY KEYWORDS ($37)


Copy & paste 500x profitable keywords that make up to $500 per day on Google in 2023.

Commission Agents OTO 5: ZEN AI VIDEO SUITE ($67)


Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll find inside:

  • You’ll finally be able to profit – with UNLIMITED AI video courses that pay YOU…
  • You’ll unlock AI-powered course creation tools to finally put “video course creation” on autopilot!
  • Includes the Kajabi-Killer app: Quickly set up an entire password-protected, branded, unique complete video course (with 5x chapters, 50x videos, course links, whatever you like) with this DFY app… some weird “smart-code” and a simple Chat-GPT Prompt
  • Include: Their GPT Prompts – and of course full training – to find the best-selling video courses out there… create a course structure just like theirs.. create the script, slides, and content for their courses… create the voice-overs.. and then all you need to do (literally) is record the videos with a free video editing tool (sorry! If you take a 10 part video course paying you $97 per sale, the longest part will be hitting the record button to make the videos!)
  • Include: Direct list of courses that currently PAY as much as $997 PER SALE and made over $1 million (YES you can replicate them all, 100% with AI), and YES this works for ANY Niche (world-exclusive!)
  • Profit Like The Six and Seven Figure e-Learning Video Fat-Cats Making PASSIVE BANK On Udemy, Podia, Kajabi, Teachable & Skillshare
  • Guaranteed: Your first AI-powered video course on day 1 or your money back.
  • STOP THE PRESSES! Get more from ultimate AI (and make more!) with THIS upsell than other members.
  • TODAY: Start clearing 100% commissions selling video courses – right from your browser.
  • And that’s just a fraction of what you get with ZEN AI Video Suite (App, Training, Prompts & Cheat Sheet).

Commission Agents OTO 6: DFY GRAPHICS APP


SWIPE unlimited AI graphics for ANY niche, product, or website.


Q: What Free Traffic Can Your AI Bots Get Me?
A: This is the world’s first moneymaking agent that average people can program. You can use it to make money and build any asset you can imagine. But the #1 use case? AUTOMATED TRAFFIC. That’s why THIS is the world’s first cloud-based AI software that generates free Google traffic – for ZERO competition keywords. I’m talking ZERO competition, which means DAY ZERO results and ZERO human intervention.

Q: Where can I send the free Google + YouTube Traffic?
A: That’s for you to decide. We do include a ClickBank software which will let you copy-paste affiliate links that pay $100s. But once you get the traffic, it’s your call where the free clicks go. It’s worth noting, you can customize and build your own bots, thus driving any type of traffic, making any type of move that these formless AI robo agent chains permit you to (basically: anything)..

Q: What is SEO?
A: I have no idea. Hmmm. Better ask one of those guys who doesn’t have a Google loophole – or a 3-in-1 GPT-powered AI to exploit it. I would “Google” the definition of SEO, except I’m too busy deploying agents. I haven’t heard good things about it, though…

Q: Can I use it for any keyword or niche?
A: Yes, “Free A.I. Traffic” works with any keyword and any niche. The software runs in 3 steps, each involving a separate AI module. And the entire process begins when you enter a “seed” (this is the only time a human is involved, so enjoy this bit – after that, you’re basically redundant!)

Q: Do I need to write any content myself?
A: Yes. You will need to copy and paste the email address you bought with into the login form, and choose a password. If you ever forget your password, you will need to enter your email again into the forgot password box. Oh, and if someone pays you, you will need to enter your name there, too…

Q: How can I make money with these AI AGENT BOTS today?
A: Simples. Click the button to get started then follow the instructions we give you. Enjoy the tool. Tell your friends. Thank us later. Do it now, before we pull this bad boy from the market. The bonuses in particular will go first (and the price jumps hourly, on auto). Don’t say you weren’t warned!


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