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MEDPOSTER AI WHAT IS IT, one of the most popular writing and content-sharing platforms on the Internet, has quickly become a popular destination for people who want to communicate ideas, share knowledge, and discuss all kinds of topics from technology and culture to science and art.

Medium’s success comes not only from the way it builds an engaging, interactive environment for authors but also from its focus on content quality and the ability to connect readers with meaningful articles.

On the other hand, Medium has adopted a unique subscription-based business model. They allow readers to access and read a large portion of the site’s content for free, but to read more specialized and detailed articles, readers need to sign up for a paid subscription account.

That’s why a lot of authors are on this platform making income with their content. Do you want to make money from but you don’t know where to start? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Presenting MedPoster AI, which is a powerful app to help you automatically create posts on It ensures your content is high-quality and can attract a wide range of audiences.

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MedPoster AI is an online tool designed to revolutionize how you manage using Generate high-quality content effortlessly, automate your posting schedule, and even build authority. It automatically creates content, schedules posts, and boosts rankings using our unique engagement system.

  • Step 1: Connect your accounts – Connect your Medium accounts via API. This simple process allows you to manage your accounts from a single interface.
  • Step 2: Create your content – Enter keywords or URLs to generate high-quality articles. The AI-driven content creation ensures that your articles are relevant and engaging.  It comes complete with an editor to ensure your content is exactly the way you want it.
  • Step 3: Schedule or auto-post – Choose to post immediately or edit your articles then set a schedule for automated posting. This flexibility helps maintain a steady stream of content, keeping your audience engaged.
  • Step 4: Boost engagement – Boost your content with real followers, claps, and comments to enhance your profile’s authority. Increased engagement helps improve your ranking and visibility on Medium.

For more details, please watch this video below:


MedPoster AI is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to maximize their presence with minimal effort. By automating your content creation, scheduling posts, and enhancing user engagement, MedPoster AI helps you leverage Medium’s high domain authority and Google’s latest updates to achieve superior visibility, higher rankings, and increased credibility. It’s perfect for:

  • Bloggers and writers: Spend more time on your creative process while MedPoster AI handles the logistics of publishing and promoting your content. Ensure your posts reach your audience at the right time, maximizing engagement and readership.
  • Influencers and social media: Grow your following and maintain high engagement levels with minimal effort. MedPoster AI allows you to focus on interacting with your audience while it takes care of content creation and posting schedules.
  • Product owners: Keep your audience informed and engaged with regular updates about your products and services. MedPoster AI streamlines the process of creating and scheduling posts, allowing you to highlight features, updates, and customer testimonials effortlessly.
  • Digital marketers: Automate your content creation and posting to generate consistent traffic. With MedPoster AI, you can focus on optimizing your marketing strategies while the tool ensures your Medium posts are engaging and timely.

How can you take advantage of Medium?  By using this incredible new AI software that does nearly everything for you. MedPoster AI is an incredible tool that leverages to give you a chance to succeed online. If you’re tired of the hassles that come with managing other sites, this is for you. Therefore, grab MedPoster AI today to unlock new possibilities.


Vendor Chris Derenberger
Product MedPoster AI
Launch Date 2024-Jul-01
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $12
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing AI Content
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


This product is made just for users. With MedPoster AI, you can easily create, edit, and manage your content by automating these tasks.

Let’s explore what it can do for you!

  • Automated Content Creation: Generate compelling content based on keywords or URLs effortlessly. XXX can automatically insert images and embed relevant YouTube videos within each article, all on autopilot.
  • Engagement Tasks: Boost your profile’s authority and reach with real user interactions. Increase followers, claps, and comments to ensure your posts are indexed and ranked higher on Medium and Google, driving more organic traffic to your profile.
  • Connect Unlimited Accounts: Link an unlimited number of Medium accounts with our seamless API integration. This feature is perfect for businesses and individuals managing multiple profiles, streamlining the process, and saving valuable time.
  • Scheduling & Auto-Posting: Choose to post immediately or schedule content at various intervals to maintain consistent engagement. Keeping your audience regularly updated improves loyalty and interaction rates.


Recent Google algorithm updates have made platforms like Medium even more powerful, boosting their articles higher in search rankings. benefits significantly from these changes. This is the golden time for you to start a new path on this attractive platform.

However, readers and audiences are increasingly demanding and know how to filter information more. They will not easily pay if your content is not attractive enough and brings you benefits in exchange.

For someone who is just starting to learn and has decided to pursue this promising platform, you will certainly encounter many difficulties. That’s why I introduce you to MedPoster AI. Because it is the most powerful weapon for you to overcome the obstacles on your path to conquering a huge source of income on

MedPoster AI helps you create the most relevant, engaging content for your audience. Things that are sure to attract attention, and speed up the process of users spending money to continue reading your posts.

As you know, has a loyal audience that is willing to share content, comment, and applaud. As long as you have quality content, you can attract a stable source of viewers to help you earn more income quickly.

Your articles will have a better chance of being indexed and ranking higher on Google if you make use of Medium’s strong domain authority. This will increase the amount of organic traffic to your posts and your online visibility.

The good news is that you don’t need to start from scratch, MedPoster AI helps you save a lot of time and effort. Your whole workflow, including content development and post-scheduling, is automated with MedPoster AI. Eliminate hours of laborious brainstorming, writing, and posting.

I have to emphasize again that this is the product that I have found most promising in recent times. It is the key to opening other doors of opportunities that you cannot imagine. Don’t let MedPoster AI slip out of your hands, grab the opportunity as soon as possible.


Your content will be search engine optimized and compliant with the most recent SEO best practices thanks to MedPoster AI. You can get more claps, comments, and follows by utilizing this app’s reader network.

In addition, This product is user-friendly, so regardless of experience level, you can easily explore and take advantage of all its features without encountering any technological difficulties.

It also comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee, which means that you don’t have anything to lose. Take this chance before the price goes up after its early bird launch. There are 3 options for you to choose:

  • Option 1: MedPoster AI ($17/monthly)
  • Option 2:  MedPoster AI ($97/yearly)
  • Option 3:  MedPoster AI ($197/lifetime)

You can see the differences between them here:

I would choose option 3 because I believe that Medium will be the platform that more and more people will come to. With a world full of information, this is a quality place for those willing to spend money to get things they find useful. So, Medium will go even further, and with MedPoster AI, you can conquer it. Just pay once and get full access to it forever, this is definitely a smart investment. 

However, depending on your needs and economic conditions, the remaining two options are also quite good, you can decide whether to continue or not. Please keep in mind that whatever option you choose, you will get 150 bonuses from the vendor inside the member area.


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