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MicroSAAS AI FastPass Bundle Deal (SAVE $240): Get ALL MicroSAAS AI Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $190) + SAVE $50 with coupon code: MS50F
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Micro SaaS businesses target specific niches or problems with focused solutions, typically managed by individuals or small teams. They prioritize efficiency and low overhead costs, often relying on self-funding.

For example, a Micro SaaS company might create a tool for freelance writers to manage their submissions and payments, addressing unique needs that larger tools might overlook. This targeted approach fosters strong customer relationships, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

In contrast, traditional SaaS businesses serve a broad audience with a wide range of features, requiring substantial investment and larger teams. Micro SaaS businesses are often more profitable and easier to manage due to their niche focus. But the same question for these businesses is: how to create apps?

With solutions like MicroSAAS AI, you don’t need to create apps yourself. You can easily sell pre-made, high-quality apps included in the package, simplifying entry into the Micro SaaS market and leveraging its benefits without the complexities of traditional SaaS development.

What Is This Product?

MicroSAAS AI provides a suite of four MicroSaaS applications ready for immediate deployment and white labeling, empowering you to own and operate your software app business effortlessly.

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Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Add your domain

Integrate your domain into their cloud hosting system with ease. This simple, step-by-step process includes adding a secure certificate (SSL) to your domain for enhanced security.

Step 2: Deploy the app

It’s that simple! After hitting deploy, your app is instantly created and ready to use. The process generates a login and registration page and an app management admin area. You’re now ready to start using the app or selling access to others.

Step Three: Add your branding

Personalize your app to reflect your brand. Add your logo, set your name, and choose the theme and color scheme to make your app uniquely yours.

For more details, please watch the video below:


The end users for MicroSAAS AI include entrepreneurs, small business owners, digital marketers, and anyone looking to leverage AI-driven applications to enhance their business operations or create new revenue streams. These users are typically interested in deploying and managing software solutions quickly and efficiently without extensive technical expertise. They seek tools that offer customization, ease of use, and the ability to generate and manage content, images, and marketing campaigns effectively.

All in all, MicroSAAS AI is a smart choice for anyone looking to use AI to boost their business. It offers proven reliability, ease of use, a comprehensive suite of applications, and customizable options. MicroSAAS AI simplifies creating, deploying, and managing AI-driven applications. By going with MicroSAAS AI, you start your agency with simple clicks. Hurry up, the slot is limited!


Vendor Richard Fairbairn
Product MicroSAAS AI
Launch Date 2024-Jul-05
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $37
Front-End Coupon MS3
Bundle Deal Coupon MS50
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


MicroSAAS AI is an innovative system that empowers anyone to own their AI products. Proven by their beta testers who have been using it for over six months, MicroSAAS AI offers four reliable MicroSaaS AI apps ready for launch with just a few clicks.

Simply add your domain (or use one of their included options), and these apps will be rebranded to you, ensuring a smooth and straightforward setup and launch process.

Here is everything you can have:

✅ MicroSaaS AI Affiliate App

The affiliate tool enables you to set up a personalized version of this MicroSaaS affiliate system, offering much more than just AI-generated prompts. It includes a bonus library with 193 bonuses available, and more are added monthly, to create compelling bonus pages that boost sales effectively. This tool streamlines the creation of bonus page briefs, entire bonus campaigns, email series, videos, and social media content, including Facebook and TikTok scripts. Perfect for anyone aiming to craft and run successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

The MicroSaaS AI Affiliate App includes:

  • 193 Bonus packs built-in
  • Bonus campaign creator
  • Bonus campaign swipes
  • Facebook posts for bonus campaign
  • TikTok scripts for bonus campaign
  • Video scripts for bonus campaign
  • Hashtags for bonus campaign
  • Bonus strategy and bonus info

✅ MicroSaaS AI Image System

Their image and design tool generates images across over 100 unique styles, from Neon Noir to Cyberpunk, including cartoons and photo-realism. With its integrated full graphics editor, users can enhance AI-generated images – by adjusting size, adding text, shapes, and more. It also includes social media-ready sizes, allowing for tailored content creation, such as Pinterest-optimized images, enriched with text and other elements, making it a versatile tool for any creative project. You have a full canvas to play with!

The MicroSaaS AI Image System includes:

  • 100 image styles.
  • 38 different sizes.
  • Free form style and size.
  • Full image editing system.
  • Creates up to UHD 4k.
  • Upload your own images.
  • Full-text addition.
  • Add shapes, fills, and more.

✅ MicroSaaS AI Content Builder

Their content builder crafts blog posts for WordPress from just a few keywords and generates social media content to promote them, including the featured image. Beyond content creation, it offers functionalities to schedule or directly post to your blog, streamlining the entire process of blog maintenance and content distribution, making it a comprehensive tool for blog management.

The MicroSaaS AI Content Builder includes:

  • Create blog posts from just a few keywords.
  • Creates Facebook posts to promote the blog post.
  • Creates TikTok scripts to promote the blog post.
  • Creates x/tweets to promote the blog post.
  • Creates emails to promote the blog post.
  • Creates featured images for the blog post.
  • Schedules the posts.
  • Auto posts the posts.
  • Put the posts into drafts.

✅ MicroSaaS AI Social System

Their social system designs campaigns for various platforms, from Facebook to Reddit and YouTube to TikTok, encompassing 37 types of content. It’s crafted for versatility in social media marketing, enabling the effortless creation of the perfect social campaign. This tool simplifies the process of crafting and launching social media campaigns, making it ideal for widespread engagement across multiple channels.

The MicroSaaS AI Social System includes:

  • Creation of social campaigns.
  • Five different Facebook campaigns.
  • Six different YouTube campaigns.
  • Four different X/Twitter campaigns.
  • Six different TikTok campaigns.
  • Four different LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Six different Instagram campaigns.
  • Four different Pinterest campaigns.
  • Two different Reddit campaigns.

Let’s see what’s included with the MicroSaaS AI package for each app:

  • Fully Formatted Sales Pages: Their in-house graphics team has crafted stunning HTML pages that you can customize and use as your own, showcasing their commitment to providing you with high-quality, ready-to-use resources.
  • Built-In Gumroad Style Page And Editor: They’ve included a built-in page and editor similar to Gumroad, allowing for easy customization. The page is present within the system, so you can simply tweak it and deploy it quickly.
  • Logos And Boxshots: Their team has designed an array of stunning mockups available in PSD formats, enabling you to easily customize them to fit your needs.
  • Social Media Graphics: Their team has prepared a variety of social media graphics for each app, designed without branding, so they’re ready for you to use immediately. This makes it easy for you to start your marketing efforts without any delay.
  • Done For You Banner Collection: Each app comes with its own set of fully unbranded banners, allowing you to begin promoting them immediately without any extra preparation needed.
  • Marketing Pack: Each app is accompanied by a comprehensive marketing pack, including email swipes, social media campaign guides, video scripts, hashtags, and more, enabling you to dive into marketing activities right away. This toolkit is designed to streamline your promotional efforts from day one.
  • Training Video Pack: Each app is equipped with unbranded video training packs, providing setup guidance for each application, allowing you to either utilize these directly or create your own customized training materials as needed.
  • Sales Membership System: You have the flexibility to connect any of the MicroSAAS AI apps with platforms like JVZoo or Warrior Plus, facilitating a secure sales process that automatically delivers access details to your buyers, streamlining their user experience from purchase to product use. The system handles all the account creation technicalities automatically, requiring no technical expertise on your part.


✅ MicroSAAS AI Offers 4 Robust Apps That Are Reliable And Ready To Deploy Immediately.

You can easily rebrand these apps by adding your domain or using one of the included domains, launching them with just a few clicks. This simple setup process means you can start using or selling your AI applications quickly, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

From content to graphics, each app provides details such as bonus pages, email series, and videos and you freely customize it.

MicroSAAS AI will simplify social media marketing with tools for creating campaigns across 37 types of content, making it easy to engage audiences on various platforms. You have everything to start to sell and keep all profits.

✅ MicroSAAS AI Enables You To Make Each Application Uniquely Yours.

You can easily add your logo, set your name, and choose the theme and color scheme to reflect your brand. Your AI applications stand out and resonate with your target audience, enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility.

To further streamline the launch process, MicroSAAS AI includes a variety of ready-to-use resources. Fully formatted sales pages crafted by an in-house graphics team are ready for customization and use.



Get MicroSAAS AI Commercial FE + ALL Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $190) + SAVE $50 with coupon code: MS50

  • MicroSAAS AI FE
  • ALL OTOs
  • All bonuses
  • Get $50 Off Today! Use Coupon MS50


MicroSAAS AI is currently available at $47, offering incredible value with access to a comprehensive suite of powerful AI-driven applications, customizable branding options, and ready-to-use resources.

This price provides a unique opportunity to trim the creation, deployment, and management of your software solutions effectively.

However, this special pricing is poised to increase soon as demand grows and more users recognize its benefits. Take advantage of this limited-time offer now to grab MicroSAAS AI at this exceptional price.

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MicroSAAS AI Fast-Pass Bundle Offer (SAVE $240)

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Add code “MS50F” for $50 OFF on this MicroSAAS AI Fast-pass Bundle offer.

If you have already purchased the FE product and want to grab all the OTOs, you should go for this offer to save money.

Upsell 1: MicroSAAS AI PRO ($147)

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This upgrade includes six additional pre-built MicroSAAS apps, complete with all sales materials for each app. Enjoy upgraded user spots, increasing to 1000 per app.

The included apps are:

  • Pre-done inbox email app.
  • Pre-done sales creator app.
  • Pre-done SEO app.
  • Pre-done ebook creator app.
  • Pre-done video creator app.
  • Pre-done social system app.

Additionally, this upgrade allows you to build and deploy four extra self-built MicroSAAS apps, expanding your software portfolio effortlessly.

Upsell 2: MicroSAAS AI VIP Club ($49 Monthly)

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You can receive one pre-built MicroSAAS app every month, complete with all marketing materials. Plus, create and deploy one self-built app monthly, ensuring continuous innovation and growth.

Upsell 3: MicroSAAS AI List Builder ($147)

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This add-on provides tools to build your email list using integrated functionalities across 21 autoresponders, 3 webinar platforms, webhooks, and Zapier, maximizing your outreach and engagement.

Upsell 4: MicroSAAS AI Monitsation Addon ($97)

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Extend the functionality of internal menus within MicroSAAS apps and incorporate banners with links to other apps or affiliate offers, leveraging additional monetization opportunities.


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MicroSAAS AI Bundle Deal (SAVE $240): Get MicroSAAS AI Commercial FE + ALL Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $190) + SAVE $50 with coupon code: MS50
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MicroSAAS AI FE – Coupon code: MS3
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MicroSAAS AI FastPass Bundle Deal (SAVE $240): Get ALL MicroSAAS AI Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $190) + SAVE $50 with coupon code: MS50F
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MicroSAAS AI OTO 1: MicroSAAS AI Pro
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MicroSAAS AI OTO 3: MicroSAAS AI List Builder
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MicroSAAS AI OTO 4: MicroSAAS AI Monitsation Addon
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