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Midjourney Digital Art Prompts OTO 1st – 3rd Reviews: There is a front end offer & 2 other OTOs. The 1st is Midjourney Digital Art Prompts Additional 1500, the 2nd Midjourney Digital Art Prompts OTO is Midjourney Photography Prompts, the 3rd OTO is A.I. Midjourney Prompts Generator. The product is by Daniele Melandri. All the links >>>

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Midjourney Digital Art Prompts FE
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OTO1: Midjourney Digital Art Prompts Additional 1500

OTO2: Midjourney Photography Prompts

OTO3: A.I. Midjourney Prompts Generator


Get The Greatest Collection Of Digital Art Midjourney Prompts To Create Stunning A.I. Images! Use Them For Posters, Home Decor, Wallpapers, Etc. Or Sell Them As A Professional A.I. Artist

Discover Art’s Future With A.I. Prompts! Have you noticed the massive rise in digital artwork and A.I. generated imagery? Traditional art methods just aren’t enough in this digital age, especially if you’re aiming to leave a mark or make some solid cash…

Look around on Pinterest, Instagram, or any digital design platform and you’ll spot pieces that mesmerize – and believe it or not, many of these aren’t even crafted by hand! Wouldn’t you love to be the artist behind such viral designs? Well, the secret lies in the prompts that guide these A.I. designs. Dive Into The Midjourney Digital Art Prompts Bundle! I’ve put together a Mega Pack of 450 A.I-Driven Digital Art Prompts designed to generate stunning, viral-worthy digital artwork. Say goodbye to hours of brainstorming and hello to instant inspiration!

Thanks to Daniele Melandri, I get the results I wanted

These prompts aren’t just a fad – they’re the key to unlocking next-level digital artistry. Use one or a few daily, transform them into jaw-dropping artworks, and watch your digital portfolio skyrocket in popularity! No need to be a seasoned artist. Just choose a prompt, let A.I. do its magic, tweak a bit if needed, and voila – instant masterpiece! This isn’t just a product; it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to dominate the digital art space


Vendor Daniele Melandri
Product Midjourney Digital Art Prompts
Front-End Price $15
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type  Social Media
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Here Are The Superpowers Of This Mega Bundle:

  • Instant Inspiration: Say goodbye to artist’s block. These prompts are specifically designed to spark creativity and get you started instantly
  • Time-saving: No more spending hours brainstorming ideas. Dive straight into the creative process with a prompt in hand
  • Great Market Value: Equip yourself to tap into the lucrative world of AI artistry and stand out from the competition
  • Versatility for Various Projects: Perfect for a range of applications, from posters and home decor to cards and digital art showcases
  • Expand Your Portfolio: With 450 unique prompts, artists can rapidly grow and diversify their portfolio, showcasing a wide array of talents
  • Highly Curated & Researched: Every prompt is carefully crafted, ensuring it’s not just a random idea but a catalyst for genuine artistry
  • Multiple Uses: These prompts are not a one-time tool. Artists can revisit and reinterpret them, giving fresh takes on previous works
  • Unlock Hidden Potential: Even seasoned artists will find these prompts unlocking aspects of their creativity they never knew existed. Dive deeper into your artistic journey than ever before!

Here’s What’s Inside This Package:

  • 450 Handpicked Midjourney Digital Art Prompts crafted to inspire stunning A.I. creations. Ready for immediate use! (Value: $97)
  • Example image for each prompt in the list, so you can get an idea of the results you can expect (Value: $50)

So, are you ready to embrace the future of digital art? Dive in now and let’s make art that takes the digital world by storm!


FRONT END – Midjourney Digital Art Prompts – $14.97

Package of 450 Midjourney Prompts to create stunning A.I. artistic images.

The prompts subjects are: characters, landscapes, animals and buildings, all in an artistic and original style!

Use the generated images for posters, home decor, wallpapers, print-on-demand, resell them online, etc.

OTO1 – Additional Digital Art Prompts – $37

Unlock Even More Creative Potential With An Extra 1500 Midjourney Digital Art Prompts!

Amplify Your Portfolio And Elevate Your A.I. Artist Status To The Next Level

Introducing my expansive collection of an additional 1500 Midjourney Digital Art Prompts for the passionate A.I. artist in you!

These meticulously curated prompts serve as a catalyst, igniting new inspirations for projects like Posters, Home Decor, Frame Prints, Cards, and so much more…

This isn’t merely an add-on; consider this the supercharge to your main package. It’s an overflowing reservoir of inspiration, standing by to supercharge your creative efforts

What makes this package truly special? Alongside the text prompts, we’ve integrated visual samples. Every prompt is accompanied by an illustrative image. So, whether you’re mimicking the design or using it as an inspiration for a unique rendition, the possibilities are endless.

Thinking of decorating your living space or looking to impress clients with one-of-a-kind artwork? These Midjourney Digital Art Prompts are your ideal companions, designed to lend that personal touch or set the stage for mesmerizing presentations!

Here’s What’s Inside This Package:

  • 1500 Additional Midjourney Digital Art Prompts crafted to inspire stunning A.I. creations. Ready for immediate use! (Value: $197)
  • Example image for each prompt in the list, so you can get an idea of the results you can expect (Value: $100)

OTO2 – Midjourney Photography Prompts – $27

Create Ultra-Realistic Photography Like A.I. Images With This Mega Pack Of 800 Midjourney Prompts

Use Them For Posters, Home Decor, Wallpapers, Cards, Etc. Or Sell Them As A Professional A.I. Artist!

Introducing my huge pack of over 800 detailed Midjourney Prompts for photography lovers. These ready-to-use prompts are great for sparking new ideas for your next project, like Posters, Home Decor, Frame Prints, or Cards.

This pack is not just a bunch of prompts, it’s a box full of inspiration, ready to get your creativity flowing!

This pack stands out because it blends text prompts with sample images. Each prompt comes with an example image and its URL. This means you can copy the image, or use it as a springboard for your own creative version.

One of the best things about this pack is how flexible it is. You can change the prompts by adding a word or two, or the name of an artist, and end up with a totally different result.

Use these Midjourney Prompts to make your own wall art ideas. They’re perfect for adding a personal touch to your home, enhancing your interior design work, or wowing your customers with unique presentations

Let this Midjourney Prompts Bundle be your guide to endless creativity!

Here’s What’s Inside This Package:

  • 800 Midjourney Photography Prompts crafted to inspire stunning A.I. creations. Ready for immediate use! (Value: $147)
  • Example image for each prompt in the list, so you can get an idea of the results you can expect (Value: $50)

OTO3 – A.I. Midjourney Prompts Generator – $47

Unlock Endless Creativity With The Revolutionary Midjourney Prompts Generator – Craft Infinite Prompts Tailored To Any Niche, Style, And Category!

Dive into the realm of boundless artistic inspiration with the exclusive “Midjourney Prompts Generator”!

This tool is a game-changer for every artist, designed to craft an infinite array of Midjourney prompts tailored for any art niche or style. Built upon the robust ChatGPT framework, this generator ensures you’re never at a loss for inspiration.

Alongside the generator, you’ll receive a comprehensive guide. Dive in and learn to effortlessly craft unlimited prompts, ensuring your artistic projects are always fresh, innovative, and impactful!

Here’s What’s Inside This Package:

  • Midjourney Prompts Generator: Advanced copy & paste prompt that will make ChatGPT create ultra-detailed Midjourney Prompts in any niche or style. You don’t need any previous skill, ChatGPT will create the perfect prompts for you! (Value: $247)
  • Comprehensive guide on how to use the generator to create unlimited prompts for Midjourney in any style you want. Step-by-step instructions and examples included! (Value: $50)


Are there any restrictions on the art I create using these prompts? Every AI-Generated image is a unique piece, so any artwork you create based on them is entirely yours, whether for personal use or commercial purposes.

What if I’m a beginner? Can I still benefit from these prompts? Absolutely! These prompts cater to artists of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a starting point or an expert seeking fresh inspiration, the Midjourney Digital Art Prompts are here to spark your creativity.

Can I modify or combine multiple prompts for a single artwork? Of course! The beauty of these prompts is in their flexibility. Feel free to merge, modify, or reinterpret them as you see fit. Your creative journey is uniquely yours, and these prompts are just stepping stones.

How will I receive the prompts once purchased? Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive a link for the access spreadsheet, which will be organized for easy access and navigation. You can start using the prompts right away!


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