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Research indicates that eighty to ninety percent of all consumers research products and services online before making a purchase. Because there will be an ever-increasing number of goods and services available, there will also be an ever-increasing supply of people searching for reviews! Since it will never become stale, it is one of the most timeless tactics that any marketer can concentrate on! 

On the other hand, when pursuing more general keywords like “weight loss,” “make money online,” or any other more generalized phrase, the competition is usually much less for “review keywords.”

It is especially true if you’re going after more recent goods and services with little-established competition. This means that, in comparison to nearly every other online tactic available, anyone can launch a product review niche website and begin seeing results faster and easier. And it’s time for you to tap into this as soon as possible.

Allow me to introduce to you a new solution that can help you solve everything! It’s Quillaio, a brand-new product with AI-powered and creates unlimited reviews for any URL.

Let’s jump right into it now!

Thanks to Joshua Zamora, I get the results I wanted

What Is It About?

Quillaio is the most advanced platform that writes, optimizes, and posts profit-producing product reviews from any URL (for four of the most profitable “keyword types”) in 90 seconds or less! So you can get page 1 rankings and earn affiliate commissions for the most profitable (and easiest) keywords known to marketers!

It only takes 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to the web-based app and connect your site

This process will take you two seconds. Simply login to this web-based app which works with any computer or browser. Connect your site to allow for automatic posting and that’s it!

Step 2: Create a new campaign

Supply the app with the data it needs to write and optimize your product reviews for you.

Step 3: Profit

Hit “Create post” and watch this AI plugin write, optimize, and post a perfect human-like product review – 100% automatically!

Going through all 3 steps above will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete!

For more details, please watch the using instruction video below:

Quillaio Demo Video

People working in the marketing field such as SEO writers, marketers, bloggers, etc should consider Quillaio. This is an app with a friendly interface that is easy to use even if you are a newbie. With just a few clicks and simple keywords, you can immediately have quality reviews that can attract a large audience.

Quillaio not only uses the power of AI to create reviews but also ensures those articles have the hottest keywords so you attract traffic and rank high. From there, you can develop more and expand your income source without spending too much effort. The golden opportunity is right in front of you, if you don’t take it you will regret it later.


Vendor Joshua Zamora
Product Quillaio
Front-End Price $34
Bundle Coupon Full
FE Coupon get5off
Refund Software
Product Type Multi-channel marketing platform
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


This is a powerful app in terms of content, it helps you write quality reviews from links in the blink of an eye. You can take advantage of this opportunity to expand your income source.

Let’s explore what Quillaio brings to users:

  • Done-for-you product reviews for your niche sites for any product or any service using the most powerful AI engine on the planet while combined with an automation engine.
  • Choose from 4 of the most profitable “review writing styles” to maximize your rankings, traffic, and profit. (i.e regular product reviews, “X vs Y” product comparison reviews, “The best X for Y” reviews, “How To” reviews, etc).
  • Hands-free optimization and formatting of that content for you so it looks like a human-written product review
  • Automatically add your affiliate link to your review article to instantly monetize your content.
  • Hands-free posting of your perfectly optimized review article to supercharge your rankings.
  • Never write, optimize, or post product reviews manually ever again (AI and automation do it all for you).
  • Build and scale your review site empire in record speed by leveraging our new, exclusive technology that’s not available anywhere else.
  • Rank review sites for any niche, any product, or any service and let our web app do all the heavy lifting for you (all you do is just supply the URL of the product and your affiliate link).


It’s more profitable than it has ever been to post high-quality product reviews! Nowadays, with everyone having instant access to any content, consumers will always take out their phones to look up reviews before making a purchase.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort to complete a product review. If you want to make money from a product or service you are unaware of, you will have to invest endless hours in research in front of the computer. Alternatively, you may hire an article writer for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create your reviews!

By having Quillaio by your side, you can now write, optimize, and post all of your product reviews for any niche, any product, or any service—all you have to do is provide a URL.

With Quillaio, you will have an entire, flawlessly readable specialized website dedicated to product reviews operating on complete automatic mode for you.

To top it all off, you won’t be able to distinguish between content created by its AI writer and stuff produced by a human. All you need to do is provide the URL(s) of the goods or services you want our engine to review, select your language, select the word hashtags, and that’s it!

Quillaio combines the effectiveness of profitable product reviews with artificial intelligence! It completely alters the way you may profit from product reviews and makes it simpler for everyone to increase traffic, rankings, and profits!

Take this opportunity and see how much you can earn from today!



Get Quillaio FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + OTO 3 + OTO 4 For A Low, One-Time Payment

Here is what is included in this Quillaio bundle:

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  • Round-The-Clock Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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I believe $34.95 is a great price to get a quality product like Quillaio. You will open many doors of opportunity with this small investment.

There are two choices for you to choose from in this special launch.

This 100% unique product review creation will enable you to dominate your niche, rank higher more quickly, increase traffic, and profit more while taking more time to enjoy your hard-earned cash.

For pennies on the dollar compared to hiring a human writer, you can have four distinct personal content writers write for you on any niche, for any product or service, at any time. Also, more quickly than any person could ever write.

Be bold to invest because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Act fast before prices increase when the special offer ends.

Check out the Pricing and Coupon schedule:

Then on the 12th at 23:59:59 (i.e 13thth at 00:00:00): 

  • Price goes up by $10 
  • Coupon code to get a $5 discount cl5off” 

At 23:59 on June 13th (14th at midnight (00:00:00): 

  • Price going up by $10 again 
  • Coupon code to get a $7 discount cl7off

Final day of the 15th

  • ALL Bonuses expire
  • Coupon code FINALCL expires 
  • Price goes to $67 at midnight

Upsell 1: UNLIMITED ($1 Trial Then $47/Month)

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It is going to be unlocking the unlimited sites license. This is going to be for everyone who is (or is planning to) scale their business as quickly as possible.

This upgrade is going to allow you to use the platform for an unlimited number of sites, get an unlimited amount of product reviews written for you, get an unlimited amount of product reviews optimized for you, and get an unlimited number of product reviews automatically posted for you as well!

Upsell 2: BOOSTER LEVEL ($47)

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In this upgrade, you’ll be able to unlock not 1, not 2, but three additional writing sources to get even more high-quality reviews written for you.

The first one will be the ability to turn any YouTube URL into profitable written product reviews so you never have to manually write a single word ever again! (even videos you don’t own). Yup, this is easily a feature we could have sold as its upgrade!

The second feature is going to be a from-PDF review writer which will allow you to upload any PDF file and have Quillaio write a perfect review based on the information in that PDF. And lastly, you’ll be getting access to a sales video scriptwriter.

A perfect transition once you start making a ton of sales with your written reviews is to leverage video marketing as well. With VSL Writer, you’ll be able to quickly crank our VSL scripts in a matter of seconds!

Talk about an amazing, 3-in-1 deal, right?

Upsell 3: SYNDBUDDY ($37)

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You can tap into the biggest army of fellow marketers who are ready and willing to share your product reviews all over their social media profiles so you can get a fast page 1 ranking!

This is the most whitehat and most powerful, peer-to-peer backlinking platform on JVZoo. And with the latest updates, everything is fully automated so it’ll take you minutes to add a new product review and start getting shared immediately!

Upsell 4: STOODAIO ($47)

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Stoodaio will allow you to instantly turn your product written reviews into product video reviews and have it all done for you in a matter of minutes.

With Stoodaio platform all you’ll have to do is simply copy/paste your written review into our system and it’ll automatically create an entire video for you.

This will allow you to instantly double the amount of profit you can make from your reviews by targeting both Google and YouTube!


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Quillaio Bundle Deal (SAVE $397): Get Quillaio FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + OTO 3 + OTO 4 For A Low, One-Time Payment
✅ Split-Pay: Apply code split for $100 off
✅ Full-Pay: Apply code full for $150 off
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Quillaio FE: Coupon code cl5off
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OTO1: Quillaio Unlimited
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OTO2: Quillaio Booster
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OTO3: Quillaio+ SyndBuddy
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OTO4: Quillaio + Stoodaio Agency
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